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The Art of Writing about Vikings

Historical fiction author Eric Schumacher shares his thoughts on Vikings, history, and what makes a good story

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Terri and C.J. are first and foremost educators passionate about the Viking Age and Viking history. Theirs was a meeting foretold in the myths of old. Both are historians of Viking history, both live in Oregon in the U.S., and both share the same birthday. It seemed only natural they team up for something epic. The Norns have woven this fate.
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We call our podcast Vikingology: The Art and Science of the Viking Age for a good reason. From the beginning we decided to focus not just on the factual history, but also on the “art” of historical interpretation. So it was with great pleasure that we got to sit down with best-selling historical fiction author Eric Schumacher for this episode.

Like lots of us, Eric caught the medieval bug early in life. But instead of becoming a historian or archaeologist, he has turned his passion into several books that are set in the Viking Age. We talked to him about what drew him to Norwegian Vikings in particular, his writing process, and whether it’s the characters or the author who is in charge.

Like a good Viking saga, Eric’s books are both history AND story. But which is more important for writing good fiction? Take a listen and find out.

Or, if you prefer video you can watch the episode here.

Thanks Eric! We had a great time. Terri learned a few things about fiction writing and C.J. got to geek out as a fellow best-selling author.

If you are interested in buying Eric’s books, you can find them on his website.

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