Hi! Terri and C.J. here. We are both historians who specialize in the Viking Age. We are also educators at heart. Terri teaches Viking History at the college and university level, and C.J. writes historical fiction set in the Viking Age. Both of us have researched the Vikings extensively and published about them.

This podcast is how we share our passion for the Vikings with anyone who cares to watch or listen. Making history fun and interesting is the name of our game.

We are also both native Oregonians. And we were born on the same day.

As a Viking would say, this is fate.

What will you get if you join us?

Expert commentary, our podcast in both audio and video formats, articles, and probably a laugh. And you just might get smarter :)

Send us a message with any questions or let us know what you’d like us to talk about. We’re always happy to hear from you!

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A podcast where we explore the Art and Science of the Viking Age


A podcast exploring the Art and Science of the Viking Age